First Light Studio

A community-first music studio in Bristol, available at no cost to emerging talent, to develop their music and production skills. Creative breeding grounds founded by Batu with the support from Dr. Martens.


First Light Studio is a music studio in Bristol created to give equal opportunities to emerging talent, to develop their skill set without the financial boundaries usually present in today’s music industry.

An open and inclusive space that allows artists to create, refine and experiment in a acoustically treated, well-equipped studio.The studio aims to provide a valuable stepping stone for music producers to take their music from ideas to fully fledged professional productions.

We work closely with local collectives and initiatives who can use our space to provide valuable DJ and production workshops at no cost.Located inside Bristol’s Trinity Centre, our mission is amplified by the unique venue and values of our surroundings. This synergy allows us to better serve the local community and empower the local arts.

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Our studio is an acoustically treated space with professional equipment to create and develop your music.

Use your own laptop and plug into our system to quickly get started perfecting your tracks.

We provide unsupervised time in the studio so that you can use every minute to experiment, develop and create your own output.

The studio has state-of-the-art monitoring with Adam Audio speakers and a Focusrite interface which combined with the acoustic treatment give an enhanced representation of your music.

For creation we’ve got midi controllers, keyboards and synthesizers.

The studio is also equipped with a DJ booth for the occasional mix.

Gear List


Applications can be made through the form below. We encourage everyone that creates music without having their own studio to work in, to apply.

Any genre is welcome and we encourage participants to return into the studio to keep developing. 

Please note our studio is geared towards mixing and production and whilst the facilities are available, instrumental recordings are not ideal.

Some restrictions apply:

  • Applicants must be aged 16 or older.
  • Basic proficiency in music production to be able to navigate in the studio successfully.
  • Applicants must bring their own laptop to connect into the interface.
  • Based in Bristol.

All applications will be reviewed and applicable participants will be contacted with more details to schedule a session.

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For more information please contact us using the button below.

If you’d like to participate in this project as a partner or supporter please reach out to:

Support from

Supporting grassroots culture, the founding partner Dr. Martens has supported this project from the beginning, making it a reality to ensure we could serve the local community.